Back in the world title race – 2nd in Haines Alaska

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We usually say « there is always 2 before 3 » – it’s a french expression 😉 – happy it did not happened today in Alaska after a long waiting period. Yes it was my 3rd competition here and I felt down in 2015 and 2016… almost landed as usual. So I decided to change my line as I was second skier to drop. It was the right choice. It was really deeper than I thought and I had less speed than expected so I could not ride the bottom section as I wanted to,

but the back flip on the top part was so good with a clear landing, stomped it 😉

So super happy to claim the 2nd place here and congrats to my friend Loic Collomb-Patton. It’s the second time we are sharing a podium this winter and you delivered the full package today opening the line with speed and style. Also well done Sam Lee who shows us he is a super skier in every conditions.

And by the way, the « Swedish Mafia » Reine Bakered and Christopher Turdell decided to and had a bit of spice on the world title race

so I’m actually sharing the top sit with Chistopher and Loic and we will be 5 potential winners for the last stage in Verbier – GAME ON !!!